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Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.46.02 PMBE Magnetic  (Click for Video)

Create More of What You Want… Impact
Influence, Revenue  (Customized Keynote)

(Motivational, interactive, fun, skills, takeaways)


Video thumbnail for youtube video Travel Speaker - Weather Any Media Storm - Add to Your Next EventThe Secret to Power & Influence

17 Strategies for Becoming More Persuasive,
and Influential

(Communication skills, motivational, interactive)


Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 4.23.27 AMWeather Any Media Storm
Be prepared for media interviews
BEFORE Crisis Strikes

(Media skills, crisis preparedness)




Media Topics:

Media Keynote

Weather Any Media Storm

Be prepared for media interviews BEFORE Crisis Strikes 


Master the Authentic Media Interview


Media Training Crash Course
Breakout Session, 1 Day or 2-Day Version



communication keynote reviews

Presentation / Speaking:

Public Speaking Keynote

 Your Communication Skills

…and Realize the Secret to Power & Influence



Magnetic Marketing
Be Memorable Motivate, Be Memorable,
and Make Big Things Happen



People Need to Hear Our Message!
Learn to Be More Interesting, More Memorable and to Move More People to Act on What You Say


Speak to Close
Communicate and Move People to Action



Presentation Training Crash Course
Breakout Session, 1 Day or 2-Day Version



Media Appearances:

Fox Business Communication Strategies
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leadership keynote

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 4.55.02 PMDaily Show Speaker





Client Reviews:

“Jess’ speech was excellent!  I saw DRAMATIC improvements
in everyone’s presentation skills (in my group) in just 2 short days.
This will certainly improve my career and was a great investment.”

Michael Buzek
Grange Insurance


“What a WONDERFUL SPEAKER AND TALENT. You’re funny, you’re smart,
you’re disarmingly honest and your comments to our group were off the charts helpful.
I just can’t thank you enough!”

Prill Boyle
Author, “Defying Gravity”


“Jess really came out with both guns blazing!  He was great at involving the entire group.”

Sanyika Colloway Boyce
Financial Consultant


“We saw noticeable results and were able to make on-the-spot adjustments.
Thank you so much for your work with our team.”

Jeff Winteroff
President, Winteroth Insurance

The techniques and incorporation of videotaping, the interactive elements were very helpful. The way that Jess broke everything down into pieces and had us focus on them one at a time, made me feel more comfortable and made a difference to our group.
Jesse Winters

“As a news colleague of mine for more than a decade, I watched Jess Todtfeld help journalists prepare to conduct interviews.  I almost wish he wouldn’t share the tricks of our trade with those on the receiving end of our questions, but his clients should be grateful he is.”

 Rick Folbaum
FOX5 NY Anchor



Available by request
Jess Todtfeld keynote


Audience interaction

Audiences agree … Jess Todtfeld’s programs are fun, interactive, informative and inspiring. Call us to find out how we can create a program around your needs.

Fee Schedule

Fees can vary, depending on how you use Jess and his services.
Here are some variables to consider when planning your meeting and creating a budget for him.


  • The type of presentation – keynote, general session, or breakout workshop
  • Multiple presentations – different or same-presentation repeated 1-6 times
  • Gifting a copy of Jess’ book or one of his multimedia learning kits to each person attending the meeting
  • Length of presentation, i.e., 1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours, half day, full day, multi-day
  • Location or venue where meeting is being held
  • Expenses – actual, out-of-pocket, or inclusive with fee
  • Licensing fee – for permission to audio or video tape Jess’ presentation
  • Customization –fee for going way above and beyond a personalized program
  • Terms – your choice between paying in full upfront or a 50/50 payment option


A typical investment on your behalf will run between $5,000 to $10,000 dollars. For some organizations, associations, or franchisors, the investment could increase, based on an inordinate number of variables chosen. Please call Jess directly to discuss how he can meet the best of what you need and want for your people.




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Cell:    +1 (917) 207-1039
Office: +1 (646) 233-1424

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Leonard George PR

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